Personal Notes of Edwin Eu

About Me

I’m interested in Database Systems, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and DYNAMICS AX2012. Since 1995, I have been worked and involved in development that utilized Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0.

During my graduate school, I’m very interested in Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Network and Telecommunications, and Information Technology Management.

In addition, I have experiences in the project development, database design, and database administratrion.

I hold a Bachlor of Science (Finance and Banking) from University of South Alabama and Master Business Administrator (MIS) from Dallas Baptist University.   I have persuaded and earned twenty two credit hours from Texas A&M University in Master of Computer Science.

  1. Edwin, I have a problem that needs to be resolved.

    We have a SQL Server 2014 in JKT running an aircraft maintenance management program, using SQL for the database. We have a site in Bandung, where the majority of the program’s users are. We have installed the software, setup a vpn connection and everything works. HOWEVER……at the Bandung location we have a very poor internet connection (slow, latent and many dropouts/day), and there are no options for fiber, wireless broadband or anything else.

    So we cannot effectively use the program in Bandung as intended.

    We are thiniking about installing SQL Express in Bandung and synchronising the JKT with Bandung at least daily, however we don’t have the experience with setting this up, and don’t know how effective it might be.

    Can you please contact me to discuss whether or not it is possible to do this?

    Thanks Edwin.

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