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My DBA Story – October 2017

In Microsoft SQL Server on 10/26/2017 at 2:47 PM

My DBA Story.

As a production DBA, I wanted to make sure all production sql servers are backup properly.

And it’s amazing to me that when I assigned to Audit production Microsoft SQL Servers environment.

And I found many production databases did not have a properly backup plans as show below:









Even the database backup is known by many. Un-fortune, one did not appreciate that how important database backups

When databases failed or disaster.

So, I started implementing the backup and recovery plan like:

  • Setup and Created an operator
  • Setup database mail.
  • Full Back up is scheduled to run on Sunday
  • Differential Backup is scheduled to run from Monday through Saturday
  • Log Backup is scheduled to run a daily every hour
  • Added Alerts notifications