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DBA Notes – Transactional Database Replication

In Microsoft SQL Server on 11/06/2017 at 3:09 PM

I was assigned a database replication projects to setup database replication that supported ETL projects for a Fire and Policy department.

The Source and Target database are located in the same domain.

I used my previous experiences and I know how to setup database replication. My previous working experiences were setting – up a Transactional replication to replication wind farm database.

It’s important to understand the database replication terminology terms like:

    • Publisher
      • The MS SQL Server Database instance that provided data available to Subscribers. The Articles like Tables, and Views which are to be replicated are defined at the publisher.
    • Distributor 
      • The MS SQL Server Database instance that distributes data from one or more Publisher to one or more Subscribers
    • Subscriber
      • The MS SQL Server Database that going to receive data from Publishers.
    • Pull Distribution
      • Setup and located in Subscriber MS SQL Server
    • Push Distribution
      • Setup  and located in Publisher MS SQL Server.
    • Articles
      • An article is a SQL Server object like Table, View, Function, stored procedure, etc.
    • The Snapshot Agent
      • Distributes data exactly as of a point in time.
      • Prepares snapshot files containing schema and data of publication articles
      • Stores the files in the snapshot folder
    • The Distribution Agent
    • The Log Reader Agent

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